USS Drum
WestPac 1973



WestPac 73 - Some Steam'in Buddies


A-ganger Gene Pilch MM3 (SS) on the left and I am on the right. I'm decked out in the "poopy suit". Picture taken in the crews mess while Drum was "somewhere" in the NW Pacific. 
Note: Gene is the designer of the infamous WestPac 73 Janitor-in-a-Drum patch.

QM3 (SS) Ken Schwalbe with some Japanese friends on liberty in Tokyo, 1973.

ET1 (SS) Tim McCracken, WLR-6 tech
extraordinaire, relaxes at an out door "pub" in Hong Kong.

FTG2 (SS) John Mitchell having a drink at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. He was on his way home after completing his tour in the Navy. We lost a real "party animal".



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