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Trash Disposal Unit, Washer and Dryer Lower Weapons loading hatch from the USS Trepang

Another shot of the console in Maneuvering. The Throttle on the left, the Reactor Control in the center and the Electric Plant controls on the right. I hope all you Nukes out there forgive me if I got any of the info wrong! My expertise was forward of Frame 57! 
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The tall cylinder on the left is the Trash Disposal Unit (TDU). This was like a small, vertical torpedo tube. Trash would be compacted into galvanized containers (seen on the wall in the back), then lead TDU weights would be put in the container to make sure the trash container sank.
The other items in the picture that look like a washer and dryer, are just that. The washer was designed to use very little water. 

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The lower Weapons Loading hatch from the USS Trepang was on display.
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