Around Mare Island Naval Shipyard



Sail of the John C. Calhoun
The John C. Calhoun (SSBN 630) was in Mare Island for Poseidon missile conversion and refueling. Other subs at Mare Island while Drum was in new construction included Dolphin AGSS-555, and the mysterious USS Halibut SSGN-587.

Mare Island Naval Shipyard had a long history of building submarines. The first boats were built in the 1920's. In the nuclear power age, the following Mare Island built boats served quietly and proudly:

USS Sargo SSN-583
USS Halibut SSGN-587
USS Scamp SSN-588
USS Permit SSN-594
USS Plunger SSN-595
USS Theodore Roosevelt SSBN 600
USS Andrew Jackson SSBN-619
USS Woodrow Wilson SSBN-624
USS Daniel Boone SSBN-629
USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN-634
USS Kamehameha SSBN-642
USS Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN-658
USS Gurnard SSN-662
USS Guitarro SSN-665
USS Hawkbill SSN-666
USS Pintado SSN-672
and last, but not least USS Drum SSN-677



Revised: February 18, 2018